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Are Celebrity Endorsements Worth It?

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When it comes to celebrity endorsements there’s not a secret formula for when it’s appropriate to incur the steep fees celebrities charge to give your brand a face.

A Dutch research firm writing in the Journal of Economic Psychology said that, “celebrity endorsements alter brain activity, as buyers feel affection toward these celebs.” Well that’s a plus, but on the other hand – AdAge did a study showing that a celebrity endorsement of a product is unimportant in determining whether the ad resonates with viewers, “In fact, one-fifth of celebrity ads had a negative impact on the advertising effectiveness.”

Who are we to believe?

We compiled a list of the some instances where celebrity endorsements damaged the brand image:

  • Legende de Michael Jackson – bombed – not his fan base.
  • Lance Armstrong – Nike really took gas backing the Big Doper.
  • Lindsay Lohan – was hired to join Proactiv and immediately got put in the slammer for drugs and booze.
  • Madonna got $5MM from PepsiCo for a song, Like a Prayer, which a Catholic bishop filed a complaint over and the ad was pulled.
  • Tiger Woods’s sex scandal made Nike take a very deep breath, and then backed off quickly.

There are some huge success stories:

  • Jennifer Aniston – Smart Water
  • Leonardo DiCaprio – TAG Heuer
  • David Beckham – Adidas
  • Robert Di Niro – American Express
  • Jennifer Lopez – L’Oreal

What can we say? It all depends on the chemistry between the product and the celebrity and how that chemistry translates to their each fan base.


Promotion to Junior Art Director 2014

Craft Beer and Typography

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Congratulations are in order for Elias Julian, our design intern who was recently promoted to Junior Art Director.

Elias enjoys food that comes wrapped in aluminum foil, working with his hands, art directing, craft beer, typography, taking photographs, and art zines. He’s from Norfolk, VA and graduated from Radford University with a bachelors degree in Advertising and a minor in Graphic Design.

He’s a welcomed addition to the team and will be helping on several accounts including (but certainly not limited to) Ashton WoodsPADV and Shepherd Center.

But don’t fret because we still have career opportunities available. If you want to join the FredSwan Family you can apply here one of the many benefits of working here is hanging out with awesome people like Elias!

Website Relaunch

Website Redesign in Wake of New Growth

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Alpharetta, GA – Continued growth and success called for a new online experience for Frederick Swanston, a mid-size advertising agency located in Alpharetta, GA. The visually stunning and content-rich site promises to show off the breadth of client experience in industries ranging from health care and technology to resort and business-to-business.

Several new faces grace the halls of the newly renovated ad agency, most notably members of the flourishing digital department.

In the past two years, new clients including Ashton Woods, MetroHealth, Americold and Bankers Fidelity have contributed to the expanding client portfolio and the need to refresh the agency’s website, frederickswanston.com.

“As with every agency on the planet, we’ve seen a seismic shift toward digital. We want our clients, both current and potential, to know we have the in-house muscle and expertise to keep up with their growing digital needs,” said Bill Swanston, partner and executive creative director at Frederick Swanston.

Frederick Swanston is an Atlanta-area advertising, branding and digital agency that combines exceptional creative with the finest client service.


The Brand Value of Team USA

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As a soccer fan and former college player, it’s been thrilling to watch the country unite together in support of Team USA and their journey to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup. Those who once knew nothing about soccer are suddenly experts in hamstring injuries, corner kicks and far-post runs. Dempsey, Bradley and Howard are now almost household names. And it all got me thinking about the raise in value for Team USA’s brand. Read More

Retail Renovation

Retail Renovation

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Enclosed retail shopping malls started to pop up all around the country about 60 years ago. They prospered by offering appealing shopping opportunities while providing a variety of products and a sense of shopping excitement. Of course, there was the food court and sometimes even upscale dining. Read More


Snap Counts and Socializing: How Advertising has Affected My Social Life

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I won’t say that I went to college for the intramural sports, but that statement might not be far from the truth. I remember looking at my schedule and not thinking about exams but rather which nights I had games. Fast forward a few years and college is a distant memory. I spend my days sitting behind a desk, and most nights, I don’t have the energy or determination to move from the couch. When I came to the realization of how lazy I had become, I knew that I would have to seek out sports leagues and ways to stay physically active. Playing in these leagues has given me the opportunity to meet new people and talk about how much I enjoy advertising, and more specifically, my work at Frederick Swanston. Read More


Innovation in Atlanta

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On an incredibly brisk early spring morning, I ventured out to my first ever TAG (Technology Association of Georgia) event. Much like NASCAR starting their season off with their signature event, The Daytona 500, this association starts their season with their grandest event: Georgia Technology Summit. This event also showcases the 2014 Top 40 Innovative Technology Companies in Georgia. As a Biz Dev guy, I was looking forward to some solid networking with a host of talented companies, many of whom are in our own backyard, Alpharetta, GA. However, it was the Keynote speaker I was really interested in: Ted Turner. Ever since I read his bio about 20 years ago, I was enamored with Ted; the maverick, renegade, entrepreneur, media pioneer, adventurer, philanthropist, staunch environmentalist, technology innovator and tight-lipped badass. Read More


Insights on an Agency Internship

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I began interning at Frederick Swanston in the summer of 2013. I have to say it’s very different from the types of jobs most high school kids have; I am learning tons of life lessons that will help me not only in my future career, but at home as well. Before FredSwan, I had no idea what Quickbooks was or how to use Excel. I now work on these programs at least once a week, and am slowly but surely learning my way around the different settings. A day in the life of an intern at Frederick Swanston also includes typical intern tasks such as ordering lunches, cleaning up the conference room and re-stocking the fridge. However, my favorite thing to do at the office is filing, which is strange, but it’s so relaxing after a long day at school. Read More


Cucumbers and Ketchup

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There is something about Morgan that we just couldn’t ignore. Maybe it’s that odd way she spells her name, Morgan Elisabeth. Elisabeth with an “s”? Or her Massachusetts roots? Or that her grandmother’s Cape Cod beach house is three houses down from Steve Carell’s in-laws and was in the movie The Way, Way Back?

No question we’ve come to appreciate this soon-to-be GCSU grad’s always helpful, ever-smiling nature. In fact, so much so, that we asked Morgan to stay after her internship and join FredSwan Agency full time as Account Coordinator. We’re delighted to welcome Morgan to the Frederick Swanston family. Read More