Freddy Swan

Advertising has long been a crucial part of history. It is a form of communication, a source of information, and a powerful marketing tool. Advertisements can be entertaining or persuasive, and most of all, very effective.  It is a lasting part of  American culture because of this very reason. So now let’s take a moment and look back at 6 of the most crucial moments in the history of advertising:1.) When was the first newspaper ad run?

  • In 1704, a Boston newspaper ran an ad seeking a buyer for an Oyster Bay estate.

2.) When was the first “modern” ad agency started?

  • In 1868, Mr. Ayers started N.W. Ayers & Son (now defunct).
  • They are still famous for “A diamond is forever” & “Be all you can be.”

3.) When was the first radio commercial played?

  • In 1923, a commercial played on WEAF in New York City.

4.) When was the first TV ad played?

  • In 1941, WNBT in New York City played a 20 second ad for Bulova.
  • It was played before a Dodgers vs. Phillies baseball game.
  • The ad superimposed a clock over a USA Map.
  • The voice over said “America Runs on Bulova Time.”

5.) When was the first message sent over the Internet?

  • In 1978, DEC sent spam to about 600 ARPANET (1st internet) users.

6.) When was Frederick Swanston founded?

  • In 1999, Scott Frederick and Bill Swanston launch Frederick Swanston in their basements, with three clients: Andretti Speed Labs, Rapid Data and LSI Wallcovering.

Oh man, advertising sure does have a rich history! What do you think is in store for the future?

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