A room full of neon green spider webs, goblins and pumpkins set the stage for our first pumpkin carving contest this past Friday at Frederick Swanston. Creatives and Account folks alike all gathered to see who would walk away with the prized title of “Best Pumpkin.”We began by harnessing the power of the intern to “pre-gut” all the pumpkins.

Some people went with their favorite sports teams, others with classic Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns, while some dug deep in the brown nose section and went to the hallowed company logo.

Since no one here was a true professional we purchased some pumpkin carving kits to avoid anyone actually coming in contact with an actual blade. However, as expected a certain “creative” brought an exacto knife to the table to work on his masterpiece.

The highlight of the day had to be what one certain employee, to remain unnamed, said towards the end of carving …”oh, hmmmm, I carved my pumpkin upside down.”

So in addition to the Atlanta Braves logo, some ghosts and goblins, an alien, a happy face and the Frederick Swanston logo, you can add an upside down ghost to the mix.

And, drum roll please …a non-biased, non-participating member of the Frederick Swanston team held the title of the Carving Judge and awarded the “Best Pumpkin” award to none other than our own Kathy Hubbard and her Frederick Swanston logo pumpkin.

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