InVision Launches Inspect

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We love InVision here at FredSwan. It’s a core part of our workflow already. Now that they’ve launched the Inspect beta, we’re completely stoked. The best part is we have a few projects that just kicked off so we can really test it out in the next few weeks. Checkout Inspect for yourself and stay…

Digital to Pass Local Ad Spend

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I don’t think anyone would be surprised by this news by now, but the spend on digital ads is projected to pass traditional ads in U.S. local markets by 2018. Personally, I’m surprised spend on digital won’t pass traditional spend in local markets before then. I’m sure there are some outliers that will keep it…

Merry Christmas Will Byers

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Just about everyone at Frederick Swanston has watched (and re-watched) Stranger Things on Netflix. That’s why this video was too good not to share.

Verifone 2016 Global Campaign

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The new case study for the Verifone 2016 Global Campaign represents the culmination of an almost decade-long partnership evolving the Verifone brand story and agency relationship.

Penguin 4.0 is Now Running Google

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You may have missed it this week, but the big news from Google was that they started using Penguin 4.0 for their core search algorithm. It’s real-time and more granular. What’s that mean? We at Frederick Swanston will keep creating amazing, compelling websites, but there are a few things we’ll have to keep in mind…

The City of Alpharetta

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Have you seen this logo? It’s hard to miss! The City of Alpharetta continues to rollout their new logo and identity developed in conjunction with Frederick Swanston.

11 iMessage Apps to Download First in iOS 10

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Everyone at FredSwan is excited about the iOS 10 and we’ve been playing with a lot of the new features. Wired has a good round up of 11 iMessage Apps to download to take advantage of the new power-ups in the Messages app in iOS 10. Read the full article over at Wired.

Cullman Regional Brand and Campaign

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We just finished launching a new brand and campaign for one of our newest clients, Cullman Regional Medical Center. They are a great client and we had a great time concepting their new brand, pre-and-post-production for the television spots, and developing the website. We’re still in the midsts of the social campaign #CullmanHealthy, so you…

Link Bait Round-Up

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I don’t know how often I’ll do this but I end up finding a lot of stuff around the web while working on projects late at night and I feel invasive email cool stuff to my colleagues every thirty minutes when they’re trying to Netflix or chill. So, hopefully, this will become something that is…