Xfinity “Emily’s Oz”

By May 20, 201518vs80
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 Xfinity – “Emily’s Oz” 

1_5starsGraham3The Xfinity ad is very touching, but I didn’t understand exactly what the technology does until the third time I watched the ad. The commercial should have focused on showing how this program works, rather than focusing on Emily’s story. Although her story is what makes this ad memorable, it left me confused on how it works. Emily’s story is memorable and equally as touching as the painfully long Sarah McLachlan Angel commercial.
1_5starsTom5This story about Emily – a blind young girl from Iowa – is so touching that I was weepy at first. It is one everyone should take to heart and embrace. If you have the will and the imagination, there’s a way to overcome life’s handicaps and succeed at what you were born to do. This ad deserves an award for showcasing a truly exceptional story of how a child, blind from birth, can show us all how to live with adversity and have a happy, exciting and very productive life. Xfinity’s story about Emily’s Oz is the ad of the decade.