Gatorade “#BeLikeMike”

By June 8, 201518vs80
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 Gatorade – “We All Still Want to #BeLikeMike”

I really like the throwback, animated style of this ad. It has every element from the old one and I really like the way they remade the song to make it a little more modern. I also really like the way they animated it to look really old. I have to say my favorite part of this ad would be the part where Mike is soaring through the air like an anime samurai. It’s a less serious Gatorade commercial that really had a spirit-uplifting factor to it. I loved this ad. Way to go Gatorade!


If you like pro basketball and its’ heroes, you’ve got to like this ad – a lot. Who better to represent professional basketball than Michael Jordan – he is the best player ever to step onto a basketball court. No one can come close to the greatness of Michael Jordan – he could make seemingly impossible lay ups, 3 point shots and was an intimidating defender…. he had it all. I think Gatorade hit a spectacular three pointer from mid court with this Michael Jordan commercial. I loved it.