Reebok “Freak Show”

By June 24, 201518vs80
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 Reebok – “Freak Show”

1_5starsGraham4 Reebok really stepped outside of the box. It wasn’t just sports clips, it was clips of the weird, insane training. Then suddenly it got even better. It touched the heart, showing why we push ourselves to insane limits. The reason is that we are fire fighters, parents and just generally striving to be better, stronger humans. I really liked it because it got down to a deeper meaning, more than any other sports or footwear ad I have ever seen. The only problem is that the ad didn’t showed what products they are advertising. That just doesn’t make sense to me.
1_5starsTom2If the ad was supposed to be promoting Crossfit they’d get a B+, but I thought it was supposed to be advertising Reebok. The commercial positions the brand with every day guys and gals by encouraging them to stay healthy by staying physically and mentally fit. If this is what Reebok was intending to do then I guess they’re doing it right, but it doesn’t make me feel like going out to buy Reebok sportswear.