Squatty Potty “Unicorn”

By November 4, 201518vs80
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Squatty Potty – “This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop”

The whole time I watched this ad I had an unconvincing smirk on my face. Yes, I have heard of squatting while you’re pooping but wasn’t sure whether to believe this was a real product. I love the tastefulness this ad has in a goofy, yet incredibly dry humor sort of way, from the demonic look of the unicorn to lines like, “the Squatty Potty gives you a smooth stream of froyo that glides like a virgin swan” and the hilarious closing cut with the kids. My favorite line is definitely when they say, “your poop will never be the same…and neither will ice cream.”

What can I say? I’m embarrassed, but I’ve got to give this a solid 5. With that said, who would run an ad about pooping? There are probably a huge number of folks who would love to have a Squatty Potty, but it’s so embarrassing. On second thought, maybe the folks who make Squatty Potty should do a direct mail campaign to a selected audience of people over 50, who might really need a Squatty Potty. They would probably say, “Why didn’t someone think of this before? It could have saved me from those straining hours sitting on the throne with no action.”