Target “Share the Force”

By December 16, 201518vs80
Blog 18vs80 Target "Share the Force"

Target “Share the Force”

I have never liked Target commercials and it would be funny to just leave it at that, but I won’t, so here’s what I honestly think. I would’ve never guessed this was an ad for Target, I had no idea up until the very last second. Does Target even sell Star Wars merchandise? Who knows? The kids were kind of cute, but the ad was pointless and poorly executed. The only good thing was that it was different from all the other Target ads and for that I am thankful.

I really liked Target’s Share the Force commercial, especially how they featured young children in their ad. It is hard to do, but if it is done right, the commercial can turn out great. In this Target ad, the adorable kids played their parts perfectly. Also, the action clips were good, they kept your attention the whole time and the music played a role in heightening the tension. Overall, I like Target’s Share the Force ad and it served to reinforce the positive vibes I attribute to the Target brand, stores and programs.