Scion “Vampire with a Man-Bun”

By February 2, 201618vs80
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Scion “Vampire with a Man-Bun”

I love this ad for its creativity. Features that come standard are very weird so why not have a kooky, weird commercial. The way they pointed out the car’s features is just great. Instead of bragging, Scion chose a comedic approach by focusing on the vampire’s number one choice of vehicles. Why does he want all these features? “I guess it’s to warm up the guy he picked up using a ride-sharing app.” That line is my favorite part. Two things that don’t seem to die are vampires and man-buns.

The Scion ad was brilliant! You get a neat, new-car concept along with a full range of new tech gadgets, helpful features and impressive new accessories with just enough humor to make the ad successful. I predict that the Scion and its ad campaign will be a huge success. I’d give “Vampire with a Man-Bun” six stars if I could!



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