Geico “Flextacular: More More More”

By March 1, 201618vs80
Geico's Flextacular Commercial, Bro

Geico “Flextacular: More More More”

Bro, Bro, bro,….bro. This ad… is pretty brotastic. I’m all about more when it comes to savings – just like bro here is all about more and more muscle. This is pretty original and I would have to give it 5 stars. I love the ending when we look back at the guy and he is way bigger than before. I have always loved the Geico ads and it’s always good to see them switch it up from time to time. I mostly love the contrast between the guy that hasn’t switched to Geico yet and the guy with Geico.

The Geico Flextacular TV Spot is a winner. To tell the Geico Flextacular story as each new Flextacular product advantage is rolled out the Flextacular narrator gets more and more muscular. By the end of the commercial the narrator – who started out pretty puny and skinny – is now very muscular and sculpted. The point is clear – when you start out with the Geico Flextacular program, you will begin to add muscles and start getting “ripped,” demonstrating all the advantages that Flextacular builds on the user’s body. The ad is very visual and tells a straight-forward story. I liked the ad and give it a 4 – it wasn’t quite a 5.