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Blog Advertising Website Redesign in Wake of New Growth

Website Redesign in Wake of New Growth

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Alpharetta, GA – Continued growth and success called for a new online experience for Frederick Swanston, a mid-size advertising agency located in Alpharetta, GA. The visually stunning and content-rich site promises to show off the breadth of client experience in industries ranging from health care and technology to resort and business-to-business.  Read More

Blog Retail Retail Renovation

Retail Renovation

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Enclosed retail shopping malls started to pop up all around the country about 60 years ago. They prospered by offering appealing shopping opportunities while providing a variety of products and a sense of shopping excitement. Of course, there was the food court and sometimes even upscale dining. Read More

Blog Morgan Cucumbers and Ketchup

Cucumbers and Ketchup

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There is something about Morgan that we just couldn’t ignore. Maybe it’s that odd way she spells her name, Morgan Elisabeth. Elisabeth with an “s”? Or her Massachusetts roots? Or that her grandmother’s Cape Cod beach house is three houses down from Steve Carell’s in-laws and was in the movie The Way, Way Back?

No question we’ve come to appreciate this soon-to-be GCSU grad’s always helpful, ever-smiling nature. In fact, so much so, that we asked Morgan to stay after her internship and join FredSwan Agency full time as Account Coordinator. We’re delighted to welcome Morgan to the Frederick Swanston family. Read More

Blog Advertising B2B or Not to B

B2B or Not to B

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“I have experience in B2B and B2C.” Okay, so what exactly does that mean?

To be successful in advertising you need to know more than a couple acronyms (hint: B2B = business-to-business and B2C = business-to-consumer). You need to understand how to connect with and understand your client. Read More

Where is Advertising Headed?

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Yesterday I just started to jot down all the stuff that seems to be happening in the marketing world, but I stopped when my list got to ten trends that are very apparent in most of our every day lives. I wondered how these trends will affect company’s marketing and advertising strategies, and how we’ll cope. Read More

6 Moments in Advertising History

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Advertising has long been a crucial part of history. It is a form of communication, a source of information, and a powerful marketing tool. Advertisements can be entertaining or persuasive, and most of all, very effective.  It is a lasting part of  American culture because of this very reason. So now let’s take a moment and look back at 6 of the most crucial moments in the history of advertising: Read More