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A New Era of Health Care Advertising

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Frederick Swanston’s health care practice boasts among its client base three segments of the health care industry: the provider (hospital and device), the health plan and the pharmaceutical company. Often at odds, today they frequently find themselves “bedfellows”. Working with all three has given us an in depth understanding of the entire health care spectrum, whereas many ad agencies represent only the providers. Read More

What Makes a Great Hospital Website?

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KEY HOSPITAL MARKETING TOOL – Most hospital marketing gurus would agree that the hospital’s website is one of the hospital’s most important marketing tools. Also, hospital marketing experts would probably agree that hospitals with superior websites have a leg up in telling their service story to potential customers which is going to lead to more new customers using the hospitals services. Read More

2013 Healthcare Marketing Strategies Summit

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We’re really excited about Frederick Swanston exhibiting at the Healthcare Marketing Strategies Summit on May 5-7, 2013 in Scottsdale, AZ. This annual Summit focuses on the issues of importance to today’s healthcare marketing and strategy executives, and features many of the nation’s strongest marketers. Here is a link to the 2013 National Summit brochure, which includes the full event itinerary and helpful details. Read More

What Impact Does Healthcare Reform Have On Hospital Marketing?

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It’s a question on the minds of healthcare marketers everywhere.  For several generations, healthcare providers (both hospitals and physicians) have been incentivized financially on patient volumes and have built the most technologically-advanced hospital facilities to generate the revenue needed to fuel further investment. However, the hospitals and “systems” that have been highlighted by the recent healthcare debates are facilities at which doctors and hospitals—and their satellites—work as a system: Kaiser, Mayo, Cleveland Clinic, etc. Read More

Marketing in a Community Hospital – Preparing for Hospital-Physician Consolidation

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Many hospitals across the country are being squeezed financially by rapid changes occurring in the industry, some resulting from financial triggers generated by the insurance industry and others from government mandated quality measurements and other controls. With nearly 60% of the healthcare dollars already controlled by the Federal government, it is not surprising that further downshifts in the Medicare and Medicaid payment structures will have a major impact on the industry. Read More