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Fundraising for a Heart Transplant

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Last week we celebrated. We celebrated with colleagues, vendors, friends and clients. We celebrated because Mallory Kate received her life-saving heart transplant on December 7, 2014 and we hosted a successful fundraising event at Jekyll Brewery just two days later. We called upon our community of artists and art directors who graciously provided amazing works for a silent auction. Clients stepped up and offered one-of-a-kind vacation experiences for a live auction. Spouses provided entertainment (both on and off stage). And FredSwan employees and friends tirelessly prepped for an evening of amazing music, brews and fun. Read More

Blog Advertising Website Redesign in Wake of New Growth

Website Redesign in Wake of New Growth

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Alpharetta, GA – Continued growth and success called for a new online experience for Frederick Swanston, a mid-size advertising agency located in Alpharetta, GA. The visually stunning and content-rich site promises to show off the breadth of client experience in industries ranging from health care and technology to resort and business-to-business.  Read More

Blog Advertising Snap Counts and Socializing: How Advertising has Affected My Social Life

Snap Counts and Socializing: How Advertising has Affected My Social Life

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I won’t say that I went to college for the intramural sports, but that statement might not be far from the truth. I remember looking at my schedule and not thinking about exams but rather which nights I had games. Fast forward a few years and college is a distant memory. I spend my days sitting behind a desk, and most nights, I don’t have the energy or determination to move from the couch. When I came to the realization of how lazy I had become, I knew that I would have to seek out sports leagues and ways to stay physically active. Playing in these leagues has given me the opportunity to meet new people and talk about how much I enjoy advertising, and more specifically, my work at Frederick Swanston. Read More