Blog Advertising Insights on an Agency Internship

Insights on an Agency Internship

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I began interning at Frederick Swanston in the summer of 2013. I have to say it’s very different from the types of jobs most high school kids have; I am learning tons of life lessons that will help me not only in my future career, but at home as well. Before FredSwan, I had no idea what Quickbooks was or how to use Excel. I now work on these programs at least once a week, and am slowly but surely learning my way around the different settings. A day in the life of an intern at Frederick Swanston also includes typical intern tasks such as ordering lunches, cleaning up the conference room and re-stocking the fridge. However, my favorite thing to do at the office is filing, which is strange, but it’s so relaxing after a long day at school. Read More

Blog Morgan Cucumbers and Ketchup

Cucumbers and Ketchup

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There is something about Morgan that we just couldn’t ignore. Maybe it’s that odd way she spells her name, Morgan Elisabeth. Elisabeth with an “s”? Or her Massachusetts roots? Or that her grandmother’s Cape Cod beach house is three houses down from Steve Carell’s in-laws and was in the movie The Way, Way Back?

No question we’ve come to appreciate this soon-to-be GCSU grad’s always helpful, ever-smiling nature. In fact, so much so, that we asked Morgan to stay after her internship and join FredSwan Agency full time as Account Coordinator. We’re delighted to welcome Morgan to the Frederick Swanston family. Read More

Blog Advertising The Benefits of an Independent Agency

The Benefits of an Independent Agency

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It’s old news that major advertising conglomerates Omnicom and Publicis announced their plan to join forces creating the world’s largest advertising network. Now with so many agencies falling under one management group it’s important to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of being a part of that now unexclusive network. Better yet, let’s breakdown why it’s important not to be glamoured by all the bells and whistles. Read More

Blog Healthcare A New Era of Health Care Advertising

A New Era of Health Care Advertising

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Frederick Swanston’s health care practice boasts among its client base three segments of the health care industry: the provider (hospital and device), the health plan and the pharmaceutical company. Often at odds, today they frequently find themselves “bedfellows”. Working with all three has given us an in depth understanding of the entire health care spectrum, whereas many ad agencies represent only the providers. Read More

Blog Advertising B2B or Not to B

B2B or Not to B

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“I have experience in B2B and B2C.” Okay, so what exactly does that mean?

To be successful in advertising you need to know more than a couple acronyms (hint: B2B = business-to-business and B2C = business-to-consumer). You need to understand how to connect with and understand your client. Read More

Blog Technology The 7 Pillars of SEO

The 7 Pillars of SEO

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Google is constantly evolving and providing more intuitive search algorithms. With the ongoing changes it can be hard to keep up! A few of us at Frederick Swanston had the pleasure of attending a search engine optimization (SEO) seminar, presented by A.J. Punjabi, digital sales manager at Cox Media Group, to review the new ways of SEO. Read More

How Saying No can Help Build Your Client/Agency Relationship

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I don’t remember if it was explained to me in so many words.  But one of the first and most memorable lessons I learned as a young account manager, back in the day, went something like this:  One of the surest ways to lose a client is to always give them exactly what they ask for.

The obvious flip side of that is it’s the obligation of the agency to give clients more than what they ask for.  It’s our responsibility to give them what they need.  And sometimes that requires us to do what agencies everywhere are loath to do…say “no.” Read More

Back to the Business of Building, Real Estate and Advertising

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The past six years in the real estate industry have certainly been unlike any other period in time.  As someone affected by it very personally (with both my husband and myself employed in real estate related fields when the recession hit in 2007), it has been a time of soul searching, regeneration, reinvention and survival.  Long-standing companies, from builders and suppliers to brokerage firms and banks, either met their demise or had to change their business models or scale back drastically on staff just to stay viable.  As we hit the mid-year mark in 2013, the tides have certainly changed.  While it’s not all great news in the market, it’s certainly a huge improvement from where we stood a year or two ago. Read More

Where is Advertising Headed?

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Yesterday I just started to jot down all the stuff that seems to be happening in the marketing world, but I stopped when my list got to ten trends that are very apparent in most of our every day lives. I wondered how these trends will affect company’s marketing and advertising strategies, and how we’ll cope. Read More