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Do Bank Branches Have a Future?

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In a society driven by smartphones, tablets and instant connections the concept of commercial banks seem a bit befuddled, or the product of a past life that we’re quickly moving away from, one text message at a time.

A recent article by William Weidman dealt with the broad issue of retail banking trends and laid out key questions facing retail banking in 2014:

  • How can they benefit from digital /mobile/online?
  • What’s the future of branch banking?
  • How can bank branches create new revenue streams?

If bank branches are going to stick around for the next 25 years they have to make a strategic and dramatic shift in how they conduct business. Read More

The Brand Equity of Detroit

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I am a Detroiter. Admittedly, I have been away from Detroit far longer than I have lived in Detroit; but the city is in my blood.  Like my struggling hometown, its culture, diversity and painful past are forever a part of my identity.  It’s nothing I can, or wish, to change.  An identity can’t be wiped clean or ignored.  But it can be strengthened. Read More

Bank of North Georgia Launches Holiday Toy Drive

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Our friends and clients at Bank of North Georgia and Bank of Coweta have always been among the most civic-minded folks we know.  So, it is no surprise that they are once again spearheading a holiday toy drive to collect new, unwrapped toys for children across metro Atlanta.  And each of the 46 Bank of North Georgia and Bank of Coweta branches has chosen its own local charity as the recipient of this holiday good will. Read More

Bank of North Georgia Finds Out What Customers Really Want

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If anything is certain in the current economic environment, it’s the fact that what passed for “business as usual” for banks for so many years just simply won’t work with customers today.  Yet many banks appear to be so hamstrung by their cultures and traditional processes that they are unable – or unwilling – to change or even to listen to what their customers would tell them, if asked. Read More