Modern Community Hospital in Cullman, Alabama

Uncovering A Shift In Consumer Behavior To Build Brand Preference

Following our proven Ignition process, FredSwan developed a brand positioning for Cullman Regional that tapped into a change in residents’ behavior. The new brand platform has helped improve both image and reputation, while stemming outmigration to larger nearby markets


Through an in-depth qualitative study, we learned of a trend in local behaviors and attitudes. The residents of Cullman are taking more ownership of their health. They are actively looking for services, resources and information to help improve the quality of their lives.


The research revealed that residents would respond favorably to a hospital that acted more as a coach – a partner vested in their health. The resulting strategy was to position Cullman Regional as the community-focused hospital that offers wellness resources and expertise to promote a healthy way of life.


Through an integrated, omni-channel campaign, we positioned Cullman Regional as your partner in health. We created awareness of the fact that the hospital offers over 1000 community programs, introducing the new tagline, ‘Live Exceptional.’


The halo effect of the new positioning has impacted the hospital in a number of ways. Total volume increased 20.6%, year over year. Service lines are up – Cardio by 34% and Imaging by 7.7%. Not only has the campaign helped stem outmigration, the hospital is growing – paying cash for a new 30-bed expansion.

Staying healthy isn’t one choice. It’s a lot of little ones.
That’s why Cullman Regional offers so many.

Social Media

Cullman Regional is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care and service, both within the walls of their facilities and across the Cullman communities. This is why Frederick Swanston developed a social media campaign that provides patients and community members with daily health and wellness tips, discounts at local businesses and updates on current events at Cullman Regional.

Campaign Website

In an effort to give the Cullman Regional brand a complete refresh, Frederick Swanston designed a new, cleaner and more user-friendly website. The site includes content such as daily wellness tips, a doctor matchmaker and even interviews from the physicians on staff at Cullman Regional.

Daily Wellness Tips

Frederick Swanston developed a page on the new, Cullman Regional website that is dedicated to providing daily discounts and special offers from community partners, as well as health and wellness tips. This provides daily reassurance to patients and community members, instilling the knowledge that a healthy and happy lifestyle is within their reach.

Doctor Matchmaker

The doctor matchmaker page is dedicated to helping Cullman Regional patients and community members find the perfect doctor. Once a patient has made a selection, they are directed to that doctor’s individual profile page where they are presented with information such as the doctor’s specialty, where they went to school and their location. By providing this in-depth information for each physician, through a detailed filtering system, each patient will be able to find the physician that best meets their needs.

Doctor Interviews

Online doctor interviews provide Cullman Regional patients with an engaging insight into a physician’s persona. Patients can learn where their doctor went to school, how long they’ve been working with Cullman Regional and other interesting facts about their life, their hobbies and much, much more.

See the Pen doctor illo by Elias Julian (@eliasjulian) on CodePen.0


Cullman Regional is a community-focused hospital that offers wellness resources and expertise to promote a healthy lifestyle. Frederick Swanston developed a TV campaign that focuses on promoting the health and wellness of Cullman’s and its community members.