The Challenge

One of America’s most trusted private homebuilders, Ashton Woods had grown at an incredible rate that easily outstripped industry averages. One of the casualties of such unprecedented growth is brand consistency — too many individual markets and communities creating their own look and messaging. Ashton Woods hired FredSwan to help unify the brand message from Phoenix to Naples. 


  • New Brand Launch
  • Visual Identity
  • Style Guide
  • In Market Communications
  • Omnichannel Campaigns

The Ignition Process

Solid Brand Consistency


In 2013, Ashton Woods was in the midst of a significant shift based on an in-depth market analysis that revealed the builder’s greatest market opportunity and the most promising positioning. Rebranding and establishing a consistent tone of voice across all divisions would be essential.


Location, location, location. Even if you say it three times in a row, location still does not differentiate one builder from the next. FredSwan helped establish the company’s new research-driven brand platform. The new positioning tapped into a key segment’s desires in a new home – a higher level of design and greater personalization.


While communicating the brand has always remained front and center for all creative executions, the majority of our assignments are retail in nature – promotions, events and limited-time offers. Over the last several years, from launch to today, FredSwan has successfully blended brand and retail to solidify the positioning and sell more homes.

Metrics &

The tremendous success of the brand relaunch and subsequent marketing campaigns led Ashton Woods to hire FredSwan for the launch of their relatively new product targeting entry-level buyers, Starlight. As the housing market continues to evolve, we’re fortunate


Ashton Woods