The Challenge

Having never produced a brand campaign, the JoAnn brand identity was allowed to drift. Consumers created their own persona for the retailer, often describing it as dated. We would have to overcome legacy impressions to create a relevant image and more vibrant personality. Our task was to develop the client’s first-ever brand campaign, repositioning their stores as the ultimate destination for people who love to make. 


  • Brand Positioning & Strategy
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Video Production
  • Television Spots
  • Social Media Content

The Ignition Process

The Maker Movement


Making is everywhere. Everyone is doing it. They just don’t know that they are. The JoAnn brand appeals to four segments of the maker movement: Maker Mom, Contemporary Maker, Artist Maker and Current Customers. JoAnn is uniquely positioned with all their products and services to help all variety of makers make. 


Our goal was to position JoAnn at the forefront of the Maker Movement. Just as JoAnn has products for all maker audiences, our communication strategy was to include imagery and messaging targeted to each. By demonstrating a multitude of crafting projects, we hinted at the endless possibilities waiting in store.


Demonstration videos have exploded on social media. Tasty, for example, has over 30 million followers. The JoAnn campaign leverages the popularity of these quick how-to demonstrations to give makers a hint of all that’s possible with the thousands of supplies available at JoAnn. 

Metrics & Refinement

We successfully introduced the first brand campaign in the company’s seventy-four-year history with a multi-channel campaign that included both traditional and new media. Launch year sales for promotions significantly outpaced prior year’s sales events. And second year sales exceeded launch year.