The Challenge

With a clunky user interface, inconsistent brand messaging and a staggering 2500 pages of underutilized content, the Vidant Health website was sorely in need of a complete overhaul. Despite the obstacles of the pandemic, we managed a seamless, iterative process to redesign, rebuild and deploy the system’s multiple websites. And, perhaps best of all, we launched the main site, the children’s site and several tertiary sites on time and on budget.


  • Reimagined UX
  • Optimized Structure
  • Cost-Saving CMS
  • Responsive Design
  • Full Content Update
  • Design Library
  • Healthcare Copywriting
  • Event Calendar
  • Simplified Management
  • Site Security
  • ADA Compliance
  • Social Integration
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Hands-On Training

“Good partners are hard to find. The great ones – even harder still. And when you’ve found one, it’s a magical and wonderful thing. I can honestly say FredSwan is among the best of the very best.”
Erica Mizelle
Director, Digital & Multimedia Strategy

The Ignition Process

Iterative Versus Waterfall


In March 2020, Vidant tasked FredSwan with launching an entirely new web experience by the end of the year. So, in less than eight months, we would need to completely overhaul tens of thousands of pages of content across multiple sites. Given the project size and complexity, we outlined a well-structured approach and strategy for achieving our goal.

INSIGHTS & Strategy

A traditional waterfall approach where all tasks are completed step-by-step would have been unwieldy, slow and painful. Instead, we took an iterative approach, which simply means that we handled all steps simultaneously in phases. This concurrent approach allowed us to continually design and develop the site throughout the entire year.


Vidant’s existing content was solid. And, the site’s imagery was true to the brand — not generic healthcare stock. So, we leveraged the authentic photography and edited the existing copy, while still completely redesigning the online style guide with a refined color palette, font treatments and custom graphics.


In addition to Vidant Health’s main site, FredSwan simultaneously launched Vidant Children’s Hospital site, as well as several tertiary sites. We successfully deployed all sites, following the originally promised launch date of January 1. In fact, all sites were complete and ready to go live ahead of schedule to ensure that everyone could enjoy the new year.

We optimized structure and added a cost-saving CMS.

We reorganized user flow, developed content strategy for all 2500 pages and moved to a cost-effective WordPress CMS (from Kentico).

An uplifting makeover for the Vidant Health children’s hospital.

Accessible, informative and whimsical, the website is both tailored to children’s parents and consistent with the overall Vidant brand platform.

Vidant Health