Freddy Swan

There is something about Morgan that we just couldn’t ignore. Maybe it’s that odd way she spells her name, Morgan Elisabeth. Elisabeth with an “s”? Or her Massachusetts roots? Or that her grandmother’s Cape Cod beach house is three houses down from Steve Carell’s in-laws and was in the movie The Way, Way Back?

No question we’ve come to appreciate this soon-to-be GCSU grad’s always helpful, ever-smiling nature. In fact, so much so, that we asked Morgan to stay after her internship and join FredSwan Agency full time as Account Coordinator. We’re delighted to welcome Morgan to the Frederick Swanston family.

Here are some things you should know about Morgan:

  • Morgan, her sister and brother all grew up in Georgia and have lived here their whole lives
  • She is 7th cousin to Saint Andre Bessette (We’ve thought there was a joke here, but there’s not. The guy was a SAINT!)
  • She took a lot of Spanish courses in high school and college and studied abroad in Madrid
  • Her favorite snack is cucumbers with ketchup. We probably won’t have her order lunches anytime soon.
  • She played volleyball four years in high school and played club volleyball all four years of college.
  • Her three wishes, now that she is officially a part of FredSwan? “I wish I had a British accent. I want to travel the world! And lastly, of course, world peace.”