Freddy Swan

Are the trends in how we get our news and reading material worrying you?  They are me.  But, then maybe Freddy Swan just has his tail feathers in a wad unnecessarily.  Here’s what I’m seeing:

  • Newspaper and magazine readership is declining so fast – might we soon see the end of what we used to religiously read every day – the daily newspapers, or weekly or monthly magazines?  Reading these news sources was a real and important part of most people’s lives for generations.
  • Cursive handwriting is going to be dropped as a requirement in many grammar schools. Does that mean eventually there’ll be no more handwritten cards or letters?  Freddy Swan’s mailbox rarely sees a handwritten letter; it’s full of direct mail. Which, by the way, seems to get fancier every day.  I guess in an effort to compete.
  • I read that more new books are being published electronically today than are published in hard cover.  Call me old-fashion, but I’m not pleased with that trend.  I, like a lot of folks, enjoy holding books to read them.  A Kindle is convenient but to quote aging rocker Bob Segar (probably a bit of a throwback himself), it just “ain’t got the same soul”.
  • And don’t let me get started squawking about texting.  There is no question we’ll see the English language and other languages start to change and adopt these abbreviated words in place of the longer versions.  OMG, my little BFF.

What do you think?  Will future generations ever know the smudge of newsprint on their fingers?  Are magazines doomed to be completely replaced by brighter, instant, more interactive online content?  I don’t know…it makes my head hurt.  Think I’ll go curl up with a good Kindle.

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