Freddy Swan

I recently came across a fascinating report entitled, “Taking the Store to the Shopper” by Cognizant research firm. If you are in retail marketing or advertising, I suggest taking a look. It will be worth your while.With that said, I found some of what were labeled “Key Takeaways”, which were rather intimidating. I instantly wondered if the author was in the retail industry and what the call to action was.

Here are two paragraphs from the article:

“Retailers need to pivot toward creating ‘a store without boundaries’ that enables shoppers to receive consistency of product, price, support and order fulfillment capabilities regardless of their location. Retailers need to support the shopping experience wherever it is – in the checkout lane, at home, in Central Park or in aisle three.”

“Integration of these intermediaries into a retail-managed shopping experience is a pivotal innovation that retailers must strive for. Store-level innovations is necessary to ensure the store remains a weapon and maintains the store’s position as a vital asset on the balance sheet versus becoming a liability. We believe the CFO will be in full agreement with this goal.”

Hey folks, especially you retailers, did you get all that? Will you incorporate this into your thinking and planning?




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