Freddy Swan

To me, the ads I see on the Internet aren’t really very effective and I’ve wondered why.  I think it’s because most advertisers aren’t taking advantage of the interactive capabilities of the medium. They just post static ads as they would in a magazine.I’m not sure why the online advertisers aren’t doing more interactive ads now. It seems so natural. Isn’t that what makes the internet so great – the back and forth between users?

Maybe I’ve just been looking at the wrong sites or ads, but it seems to me that many of the internet advertisers could get more for their money if somewhere in their message they asked potential consumers – right then, in “real time” – to take a quiz about the ad they are seeing:

a)    I loved the ad

b)    I hated it

c)     I didn’t learn enough

d)    Here’s how I’d make it better

If they took the quiz they would get an immediate reward – isn’t that what everyone wants these days, “instant gratification?”  Maybe it would be a coupon or other offer to keep the dialogue going. If the reward was juicy enough, you could ask for demographic information and build a database.  Then, you can REALLY interact!

What do you think?  What advertisers are doing this now, and is what they are doing really interactive?  Why aren’t more advertisers taking better advantage of the interactive nature of the internet?

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