Freddy Swan

Over the next several months our contributors will be sharing insights and seeking yours on a number of subjects that are on marketers’ minds today.  We’ll look at the latest trends and issues in the categories that make up our core business:  financial, healthcare, home furnishings, resort/hospitality, retail and technology.We’ll also delve into Social Media and the rapidly evolving nature of the phenomenon that has marketers scrambling. Additionally, we’ll explore what marketers can learn from their clients to become more intuitive and client-friendly.

And then there is Freddy Swan.  He’s quite the character, as you may have already read.  Loaded with opinions, he’s the one who will actually say what others only dare to think.  Sometimes we hold our breath, but you’ll find Freddy Swan Squawks to be both provocative and fun.

Jump in with us, it should be a fun ride!

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