Caudill Miller

Every brand has a story to tell, and learning to tell that story in a way that resonates is more important now than ever. Regardless of industry, product, service or size, your business’s story now competes in the market alongside it’s offerings. Luckily, some agencies just have a knack for storytelling.

At Frederick Swanston, we know that stories span across all of your marketing efforts. Your website, social feeds, videos, branding and more all have to tell the same story. Discrepancies between these touchpoints can be costly, causing customers to walk away from what they view as an “untrustworthy” brand. So, what are you doing? Start working with a top-rated storytelling agency like Frederick Swanston.

Don’t take our word for it, though. We worked with an industry-leading ratings and reviews firm, Clutch, in an effort to find out what clients really think about the way we tell their stories. Based on detailed client interviews and an extensive research methodology, Clutch and their sister site, The Manifest, regularly issue formal announcements of the top agencies on their platform. This week, they announced Frederick Swanston as one of the top advertising agencies in Atlanta, with a particularly stellar record for our work in the business services, healthcare and medical industries.

Here’s some of the client feedback supporting this award:

“Last year was our first year when we ran the collective active adult campaign Frederick Swanston helped us develop, which included everything from outdoor billboards to digital advertising and call-to-action campaigns. It was very effective and we saw a 40% increase in our online inquiries. We’re hoping this year’s campaign will be even more effective.”

“We’re constantly developing more effective and efficient ways to handle the project. They’re extremely accessible by email and phone. Besides, they’re responsive to our feedback and go above and beyond to meet our needs.”

“Frederick Swanston is easy to work with. Our communication, although business-oriented, is very conversational. We work as a team. Instead of Frederick Swanston giving me things to sign-off on, they work with my ideas and feedback. More than anything, Frederick Swanston is an extension of our hospital’s marketing department. We have come together in order to make the best possible product.”

We could not be more proud of our collaborations with these clients and the opportunities they’ve given us to tell their stories. As we continue to narrate their brands, we’re excited to see how our presence on Clutch grows.