Scott Frederick

With all the recent chaos within the cruise ship industry, it is very interesting to examine what marketing techniques the cruise line companies are using to either deal with disaster or take advantage of a competitor’s misfortune. In fact the entire realm of cruise ship marketing can be very useful information.What might tourist bureaus and companies in the tourism industry learn from the cruise ship industry?

1stEXTENSIVE WEB SITE – They have  great websites with all kinds of information on cruises, places of interest and promotions they are running. They have several pages of cruise info, specials, and good, fun stuff.

2ndDIRECT MAIL CAMPAIGN – They periodically send out a catalog of cruises available with wonderful color pictures that stress their message of adventure, fun, and glorious living.

3rdTARGETED DEMOGRAPHICS – Their demographics i.e. folks who are likely to take cruises or have taken a cruise or two are excellent.

But if a tourist bureau for a state or locale was looking for a marketing & advertising program to study they might want to see what can be learned from this luxurious industry.

But before you push ahead with that suggestion, you should also do your own homework. For example:

  • TRAVEL AGENTS – Do travel agents like working with a cruise line? Or is the cruise line doing something that excludes travel agents?
  • PROGRAMS SUCCESS – Is the cruise line’s marketing and advertising program successful or not?
  • PROGRAM APPLICABILITY – Can their program be tailored to states and cities that have tourist venues and marketing goals?
  • PROGRAM COSTS -How much would such a program cost and is that viable for other tourist venues?
  • SUCCESSFUL ROADMAP – In short, does the cruise line provide a road map to follow, or are there only certain elements of the program that would be effective?

How would you answer the above questions? What we can learn from cruise ship marketing that might be helpful?

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