Madeline Arms

I began interning at Frederick Swanston in the summer of 2013. I have to say it’s very different from the types of jobs most high school kids have; I am learning tons of life lessons that will help me not only in my future career, but at home as well. Before FredSwan, I had no idea what Quickbooks was or how to use Excel. I now work on these programs at least once a week, and am slowly but surely learning my way around the different settings. A day in the life of an intern at Frederick Swanston also includes typical intern tasks such as ordering lunches, cleaning up the conference room and re-stocking the fridge. However, my favorite thing to do at the office is filing, which is strange, but it’s so relaxing after a long day at school.

The people who work here are so interesting, and I mean that in a good way. Each day is different with these crazy co-workers. One day Michael and Caitlin will be shooting Cassie with a Nerf gun, and the next, Dustin will Photoshop someone’s head on a funny picture. My favorite days are the days when I walk in, and I see everyone sitting and talking in the conference room because this is where their personalities really come to life. The conversation is never boring, and in fact, it’s often very enlightening since I’m still only eighteen. I guess this is a good thing, because I have learned that adults aren’t always as grownup as you’d think. There’s never a dull moment at FredSwan, and I knew from the moment I started that everyone really respected one another and that the company had a great sense of community. I think one reason why we’re all so close is because it’s a smaller office, so when one person has an accomplishment or birthday, everyone celebrates with them.

Another perk of interning at Frederick Swanston is working with my mom. Most girls my age drift away from their mother’s guidance at eighteen, but I definitely think seeing her two hours more a day than I usually would helps with our communication. I finally understand that the reason why she can’t make dinner for us every night is because she is so busy at work, and I see that firsthand everyday. It’s also not terrible when my co-workers gang up on her to let me skip school for senior skip day. I feel like I get an inside look at what she’s really like when she’s away from home.

This internship experience has helped me develop in so many ways, from learning time management and business skills to seeing how a creative organization operates, and I will carry these skills with me throughout college and the real world.