Freddy Swan

In essence, the Great Depression shaped the eras before us. Generation Y, or more commonly known as the Millennial Generation, is the result of our parents and their parents knowing what it’s like to do without. As a result, they have provided us with means and opportunity.

We are Millennials, people born between the years 1980 and 2000, categorized as technologically superior yet lazy. We are glued to our laptops, yet optimistically adventurous, unable to deviate from the latest Netflix series or Monday Night Football craze. Millennials are the definition of a catch 22, an extreme paradox defined by critics.

We suffer from separation anxiety when we are without our cellphones and are constantly consumed by hilarity. We can summarize anything in less than 140 characters and type HAHA or LOL more than ten times a day. In addition, we have a multitude of shiny participation trophies, enough to take into battle against The Walking Dead.

In my opinion, this generation is not warped, stubborn or misguided. We are the product of over-abundance. We are a product of goodwill and good intentions.

Our determined spirit has inspired life-changing innovations. Have you heard of the Internet, the search-engine Google, the iPhone or WiFi? We are topics of books such as, Millennials Rising: The Next Great Generationby Neil Howe and William Strauss. We changed the perception of communication, placed information right at your fingertips and connected the globe through social networks.

We have a fascination with the pronouns ‘I’ and ‘me.’ Millennials are extremely quirky and use the word “awesome” in every other sentence. We have a desire to help people, even people we have never met. Generation Y are a bunch of foodies, wanting and wishing to become the next Martha Stewart or Alton Brown.

Under the surface, Millennials crave admiration and the chance to make their mark on the world whether through a reality show like Keeping up with the Kardashians or 19 Kids & Counting. Both are alternatively diverse, but in essence present the same meaning: make the most out of life; live and let live.

We are the selfie generation, self-sufficient and self-confident. We have been known to tweet a pic of a bad toupee or the spinach between your teeth. If there is one thing our parents have taught us, it is that with money comes hard work, yet we crave praise in the process.

We have a pocket full of dreams, an over-arching desire to succeed and an enormous following on Instagram. We fill square screens with our celeb crushes, puppy obsessions and gallant travels. We are culturally diverse and voice our opinions about everything. We challenge the norm unlike Gen X.

With all the new technology, we can order take out, coordinate a date on for the evening, download our family tree from and purchase our favorite J. Crew sweater just in time for winter, all while Skyping with grandma.

Don’t be frightened. We aren’t afraid to collaborate and connect with people. So, take advantage of our untamed, adventurous spirit, listen to our outrageous ideas and tame our egos whenever you get the chance. After all, if we fail, there is always an open room down the hall from mommy and daddy.