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1_5starsGraham3I like this ad, but it’s definitely not my favorite. It comes off a little showy. It sounds like Apple is saying, “we don’t care if you buy our product because we’re awesome.” I really don’t have much to say about it simply because there wasn’t much that stood out. The music was fun and upbeat like most of Apple’s commercials and the only thing it really had going for it was the semi-cool visuals.

1_5starsTomThe iPhone commercial was pretty and full of very active, young folks, but it was a terrible ad. There is too much going on in this ad. The good ads have a beneficial story and give consumers – young and old – a reason to buy the product. This ad does not do that. I would have liked this ad if they slowed down the hyperactivity and cut out the jumping and shouting. The shame of this pretty ad is how the iPhone is a fabulous piece of technology, which people of all ages and groups would like to have.

Meet the Authors

The 18 year old

A rising student of film, Graham measures all advertising against his favorite movie scenes. So a commercial with a good car chase plays well. Better with an explosion. And funny. It should be funny. So a speeding car that explodes in an amusing way will sell product.

  • Recent Pope High School Graduate
  • Rising College Film Student
  • Long Boarder, Snow Boarder, Rower
  • Improv Performer at Whole World Theatre
  • World Traveller (England, Scotland, Jamaica, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica)

The 80 year old

Graduate of Amherst College and Harvard Business School, Tom doesn’t let his Ivy League education interfere with an appreciation for inane advertising campaigns. He more than appreciates a poodle in a business suit selling cleaning products. He also enjoys talking babies.

  • Lieutenant of the USS Gurke Destroyer
  • Furniture Industry Legend
  • Business Professor
  • Husband for over 60 Years
  • Lover of Daschunds, M*A*S*H and Scotch

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