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At first, I thought the ad was cute. I didn’t catch that he was saying, “I will never…” and I started to get confused. Why won’t he achieve these goals? Then the bomb dropped. Turns out this kid won’t do these things because he is dead. Way too harsh. I hated this ad. It ruined my night. Isn’t there some other way Nationwide could get their message across without being so emotionally cruel? Not cool bro. I understand child death caused by simple accidents is a huge problem and it needed to be addressed, but this was just way too much.

Really smart. The ad makes the case for Nationwide, who helps save your kids. Kids are the best advertising characters. Nationwide was really shrewd when every adult and parent was watching; they shined as the protectors of your kids. Excellent ad and smart marketing ­– perfect for the Super Bowl. Nationwide keeps hitting home runs.

Meet the Authors

The 18 year old

A rising student of film, Graham measures all advertising against his favorite movie scenes. So a commercial with a good car chase plays well. Better with an explosion. And funny. It should be funny. So a speeding car that explodes in an amusing way will sell product.

  • Recent Pope High School Graduate
  • Rising College Film Student
  • Long Boarder, Snow Boarder, Rower
  • Improv Performer at Whole World Theatre
  • World Traveller (England, Scotland, Jamaica, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica)

The 80 year old

Graduate of Amherst College and Harvard Business School, Tom doesn’t let his Ivy League education interfere with an appreciation for inane advertising campaigns. He more than appreciates a poodle in a business suit selling cleaning products. He also enjoys talking babies.

  • Lieutenant of the USS Gurke Destroyer
  • Furniture Industry Legend
  • Business Professor
  • Husband for over 60 Years
  • Lover of Daschunds, M*A*S*H and Scotch

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