Liv and Oma

This commercial made me uncomfortable, but in a good way because it made the commercial entertaining. Also, it was a good idea to add all the extra information about it and then come back with a pun. They were creative to make “sling” a catchy world like “slinging” because it’s something better than what people say now which is “Netflix and chill.”

Loved the Sling spot. Megan Mullally makes TV watching seem risqué and appealing. I know I checked out Sling TV to see what it was about. It made me chuckle. It’s a commercial I like watching instead of skipping over. The use of “sex” to sell a product usually offends me, but this one was funny, I think because it is so in your face as to be comical, on purpose.

Meet the Authors

17 Years Old

A shooting guard on her double State Championship high school basketball team, Liv is no stranger to competition. She brings her fierce winner-takes-family-bragging-rights spirit to every review.

  • Rising freshman & future baller at Augusta University
  • Multiple scholarship recipient
  • McDonald’s All-American nominee
  • Voted Ms. Saint Francis
  • Netflix binge watcher
  • Sugar fiend

70 Years Young

A descendant of famously feuding families, the Hatfields & McCoys, Oma is always up for a friendly fight. She doesn’t shy away from a heated debate, even when that argument is over the cultural contribution of an ad for Skittles.

  • Married for 51 years to a self-admitted curmudgeon
  • Former real estate agent & hospital foundation director
  • Current restaurant manager, hospital fundraiser & church volunteer
  • Makes bed every day and will make yours if you leave it
  • Lover of British dramas (all of them)
  • Never met a stranger

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