Dustin Hall

Gifted with his quick wit and ability to fill a room with laughter, Dustin is also skilled in all facets of advertising, design, television, and interactive marketing. His agency experience includes stints at Atlanta agencies, J. Walter Thompson, Morrison and Fitzgerald & Company before joining us as lead art director on our health care accounts. Dustin also teaches art direction and design at Atlanta’s renowned Portfolio Center. Hates math. If he had the choice, he’d fill his sleepless time of day with wake surfing, filming, cooking, woodworking, and anything else he can create with his hands.

Spirit Animal: Octopus.

Keeps desk spotless at all times.

Loathes typos.

Can handle ghost pepper hot but prefers regular hot.

Met Gordon Ramsey and it was “EPIC.”

Desired Superpower: Shapeshifting.