Freddy Swan

I remember clearly how we treated the returning soldiers, sailors and marines – many wounded – who were greeted with jeers and rotten fruit when they came back from Vietnam.And now, in 2012, what a change – we have come so far – and in such a good way. Did you watch HLN this Wednesday when they had:

* A soldier, 2nd Lt. Gary Harden, and his girlfriend, Meghan Davies on HLN Morning Express with Robin Meade.

* They were on the show under the premise of Meghan saluting her boyfriend for his service to our country.

* In a dramatic turn, Gary proposed marriage to Meghan on national TV and gave her the ring.

* Meghan, overwhelmed, and with tears of joy in her eyes, accepted her soldier’s proposal.

But, that’s not all – our client, Iberostar Hotels and Resorts gave the couple an all-expenses paid vacation to Jamaica, to spend their honeymoon at the Grand Hotel Rose Hall in Montego Bay. We so appreciate our partnership with CNN that helped to make this happen. And we are so proud to be a part of the ongoing salute to our Troops.

Let’s hear it for the newlyweds-

Let’s hear it for HLN and IBEROSTAR-

And, let’s hear it for this wonderful way the American public treats its service people!!!

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