Freddy Swan

A key trend evolving in retail is answering consumer demand for real-time responses. It is driven by the rapid embrace of online storefronts like will revolutionize how we all shop and buy lots of stuff, including high-ticket items which people historically like to “test drive.”

Here’s a potential example – Say Bob has a store that manufactures custom upholstery. He’s setting up a factory near a major metro area. He’s not going to sell that custom upholstery the conventional way – with a sales force selling to retailers. Bob is going direct to consumers on the net, with interactive digital advertising, and his unique and revolutionary marketing system.

Bob’s marketing approach will cut out lots of costs – salesmen’s commissions, physical distribution expenses, and last, but far from least, the retailer dealer. Those savings can cut the price in half and still yield a nice profit for him plus a major value to the customer.

Will it work? Not sure, but if you can sell expensive custom upholstery to consumers with digital advertising & marketing, there is not much that couldn’t be sold under this new model.

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