Michael Hersh

I won’t say that I went to college for the intramural sports, but that statement might not be far from the truth. I remember looking at my schedule and not thinking about exams but rather which nights I had games. Fast forward a few years and college is a distant memory. I spend my days sitting behind a desk, and most nights, I don’t have the energy or determination to move from the couch. When I came to the realization of how lazy I had become, I knew that I would have to seek out sports leagues and ways to stay physically active. Playing in these leagues has given me the opportunity to meet new people and talk about how much I enjoy advertising, and more specifically, my work at Frederick Swanston.

In college, I tried to play every intramural sport that was offered, even sports that required me to kick a ball (soccer and kickball). Calling soccer and kickball a struggle would be an understatement. Since college, I’ve decided to focus on sports that I excelled at (football, tennis and softball). Tennis and softball are established sports in the Atlanta area; the real fun came from putting together a coed flag football team.

As the captain of this flag football team, my first task was to find enough players to field a team on a week-to-week basis. This meant reaching out to people from high school, college and even co-workers. I was able to find a core group of players but enlisted their help to fill out the team. They had to ask their other friends, acquaintances and sometimes, even wives. The team came together and once again, sports became the driving force to get me through the week.

After our first football game, a resounding victory, the team got together for a post-game meal and bonding. Since everyone is in the working world, the conversation quickly turned to everyone talking about where they worked and what their job entailed. Since I had a co-worker on the team, talking about advertising and our agency was always easy to do. We could talk about how much we enjoyed our work, how we work hard but also play hard. Maybe I’m biased, but I think we have the best jobs by far. I came to understand that no matter where someone worked, the need for advertising

I came to understand that no matter where someone worked, each of their companies could benefit from some form of advertising. When we discussed peoples’ companies, it scared me how much my mind would think about how Frederick Swanston could help their advertising needs or maybe enhance the advertising they were already doing. Working at Frederick Swanston has changed my mindset when discussing not only business, but also everyday conversation. Through sports, I’ve had the chance to meet new people and talk to them about the advertising world. Also, it’s given me the chance to expand my horizons on how advertising can be woven into various other industries around Atlanta.