Caudill Miller

Have you seen this logo?

It’s hard to miss!

The City of Alpharetta continues to rollout their new logo and identity developed in conjunction with Frederick Swanston.

With new signage around the city …

With applications to Public Works facilities and equipment…


And within the City of Alpharetta website (also built and supported by FredSwan Digital).

The website has been live for a year and has been met with increasing traffic and great reviews from the community, visitors, businesses and government agencies. The responsive site has become the ultimate destination for everything Alpharetta – a city that continues to marry its roots as a great place to live and a progressive place to do business.

Users can access everything they need using an icon-based quick menu, which adapts to their preferences when they register as a My Alpharetta use. Whether on a laptop or mobile device, community members can search everything from key topics to sub-sections containing popular content such as the city calendar, recreation & parks schedules, local news and city government information. Plus, with the convenience of Report.Pay.Apply. residents can report suspicious activity and infrastructure issues, pay bills, apply for permits and register for recreation activities, all with a simple click. is a truly unique site with leading edge technology. More importantly, the site reflects the vibrancy that makes Alpharetta the Technology City of the South

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