Freddy Swan

If you google “The Future of Advertising” you’ll probably see 30 to 40 articles by experts opining where the industry is heading. It’s scary for me because, after reading some of these articles, I marvel at how little I understand about the future of advertising. There are literally dozens of examples of what I don’t get, but here’s one I found that left me scratching my feathery head – I understood all the words and it sounded pretty slick, but if I had to explain it, I’d flunk.Quote from The Future of Advertising by Danielle Sacks:

“Creative teams now need to behave more like improvisational actors – ‘story building’ instead of storytelling – so they can respond in real time to an unpredictable audience. Marketing needs to be useful – ‘use-vertising’ instead of advertising – which means you must think more like a product developer than an entertainer.”

An entertainer?  Seriously? If an agency thinks it’s in the entertainment industry, it won’t be in the advertising business for very long.  Maybe it’s me, but doesn’t it still come down to identifying the unique qualities of a brand, matching them up with the right audience and bringing them together?  Not a lot of acting going on.  Just buyer and seller finding each other, and everybody wins.

Maybe I’m just squawkin’.  What do you think? And maybe more importantly – what does your agency think?

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