Bill Swanston

The Maker Movement enables the Do-It-Yourselfers (DIYers) to sell unique products on the Internet. The DIY business revolves around offering customers fresh, unique products at reasonable prices. And that’s where The Maker Movement comes into play. The Maker Movement taps into the talent and affordable ingenuity of the DIYers of the world.

DIYers have always been there, churning out all sorts of hand made items. The technological revolution has broadened the scope of products that can be produced, enabling DIYers to sell the products directly to customers on sites like Etsy.

Major retailers are now asking, “how do we keep coming up with new, unique products at a reasonable price?” The answer is to team up with the right DIYers who created the kind of products that customers find exciting, new and affordable.

We’ve just seen the first phase of The Maker Movement, which thrives on the vast number of DIYers’ creative designs and products. With retail marketing going through a digitally led charge, the DIYers are going to be front and center.

If you are looking for the newest, brightest marketing trend, bet on the DIYers –with all the developments in technology, 3D printing and big retailers looking for unique products, The Maker Movement has an unlimited and unique marketing future.