Now that Halloween is only a day or two in our past, I have to ask…is it just me or does Christmas hit the stores earlier and earlier as the years go on?I found myself in Home Depot, three weeks before Halloween, and had to navigate past their Christmas tree display as soon as I walked through the door.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. It’s my favorite holiday. But when you get hit over the head with it, and its barely past September–it gets to be a little much.

Studies show that 39% of shopping for the big holiday happens in November with another 22.1% falling in October. Then you have you last minute shoppers on Christmas Eve and your crazy aunt who buys everything back in July.

So obviously the market is there, with a quarter of spending happening in October, but do we need to decorate the stores that early?

This brings me back to my original point. Is it good for business and advertising alike that we drag out that holiday shopping for 3 months, or does it kind of take away from not only the Holiday Season but also Halloween and Thanksgiving who seem to get stuck somewhere in the shuffle of Christmas.

Think about it. Christmas is one day that takes up 25% of our entire year. What do you think?

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