Una Newman

I go to quite a few doctors who all represent different hospitals in Atlanta. And it seems like all of them ask the same questions and record the same answers over and over:

  • What medicines are you taking?
  • How have you been since we saw you last?
  • Is there anything we need to add to your medical history?

Now that means that multiple doctors, on multiple computers, all have the same medical information about me, doesn’t it? Why is this happening in this digital era? What happens if I forget to tell one of these doctors about a change in medication or my physical condition? Isn’t that dangerous?

And then there’s the big question. Why can’t I keep my own electronic medical records? In the age of social media where everybody securely shares their information through one program, like Facebook, why can’t the medical profession agree on one secure, shared platform?

Come on guys. Get with the program!

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