Bill Swanston

After an extensive review that included agencies from all over the country, University of Iowa Health Care has selected Frederick Swanston as its agency of record.“We’re thrilled to have been chosen over some very formidable competition,” said Una Newman, Senior Director – Healthcare Marketing at Frederick Swanston. “The chance to help share the story of how UI Health Care impacts lives around the world – not just in Iowa – is an exciting opportunity. UI Health Care covered all the bases in a very extensive review process. We’re told they chose us for our knowledge of the category, experience integrating traditional and digital marketing and forward-thinking creative,” Una added.

“We showed them work that was a little unexpected and demonstrated how we would weave it through all media,” added Rick Ender, Frederick Swanston Partner/Creative Director.

The agency’s initial assignment will be to launch a new outpatient facility at Iowa River Landing, a mixed-use facility near Iowa City in Coralville. The first large multi-specialty UI Health Care extension located off the main UI campus, Iowa River Landing was built with an entirely new patient flow process specifically designed with the patient in mind. The facility opens in October, 2012.

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