Caudill Miller

The new case study for the Verifone 2016 Global Campaign represents the culmination of an almost decade-long partnership evolving the Verifone brand story and agency relationship.

Making the complex simple, for a great storyline.

Verifone’s global campaign for 2016 marked a great opportunity for the company to display its new brand and new, next-chapter strategy. When the campaign was implemented, the organization was in transformation and the demand for executing go-to-market programs was increasingly high.

We were a part of the 2016 global marketing campaign team, effectively working within the corporate requirements and social communications to ensure cohesive messaging for events, digital, product marketing and marketing management.

The right creative strategy brought everyone together.

The campaign’s success stemmed from implementing a series of clear taglines and copy points, socialized across the organization. New photography blended with clever graphics demonstrating the connected nature of Verifone’s platform of products, services and solution development principles.

By partnering early with Verifone, we were able to work hand-in-hand with the Verifone team in conceptualizing and executing creative strategies for the entire marketing mix — resulting in a global, integrated campaign with tremendous breadth.

The results were far-reaching in many ways.

The breadth of the campaign spanned all of Verifone’s global marketing functional areas. The result was a cohesive, creative strategy that can be attributed to the following events: peak communication season, the first, the first family of products to launch in seven years, sales enablement materials and Just as important, Frederick Swanston updated the company’s brand guidelines and asset management system, providing the regional marketing teams with new tools and capabilities.

The measured participation at Verifone’s major events, social media and digital engagement, was the most successful campaign ever in the company’s history. B2B personas targeted included media, C-Suite, developers, distribution, analysts and financial institutions.

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