Bill Swanston

The VeriFone and Frederick Swanston marketing and account teams gathered Wednesday evening to recognize four years of amazing VeriFone growth and accomplishments, and to celebrate the fourth anniversary of Frederick Swanston being named VeriFone’s agency.  In that short time VeriFone – already the global leader in secure electronic payments four years ago – has evolved its global impact exponentially, not only in revenue but in the scope of services it provides.Once best known for the electronic transaction hardware on which you swipe your credit or debit card at the point of sale, VeriFone has evolved into a total solutions provider for retailers of all sizes, anywhere in the world.  And VeriFone has added exciting new services like VeriFone Media, enabling advertisers to engage captive audiences with messages in taxis and other mobile settings.  And PAYWare Mobile, which allows mobile merchants to get paid on-the-spot, anywhere, through their smartphone.

Ah, but Wednesday night definitely wasn’t about business.  More about sliders and shots than services and solutions.  It was a night to celebrate a terrific partnership.

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