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KEY HOSPITAL MARKETING TOOL – Most hospital marketing gurus would agree that the hospital’s website is one of the hospital’s most important marketing tools. Also, hospital marketing experts would probably agree that hospitals with superior websites have a leg up in telling their service story to potential customers which is going to lead to more new customers using the hospitals services.So what makes a SUPERIOR WEB SITE – according to some experts here are the keys:

  • ACCESSABILITY – How easy is it to get to the hospital’s wesite & how easy is that website to use.
  • MARKETING CONTENT – Does the hospital marketing team keep the information on the website fresh & spelled out in simple English?
  • MODEST INTERNET SKILLS – Is the information on the site easily accessed by potential customers with modest internet skills.
  • TECHNOLOGY – Is it easy and fast to download the information on the website.

Now, we would agree with these points, but they seem a little stiff or maybe too computer oriented. Let’s see if we can add a little to these points:

  • NAVIGATION – The hospitals website needs to be easy to navigate for everyone regardless of computer training…
  • INITIAL IMPRESSIONS -The opening page should not be TOO cluttered – it should be clean with a simple table of contents.
  • COLOR IS KEY – The use of the “right” color or colors is very important as is the presence of a welcoming figure that – without any words – represents the personality of the hospital.
  • FINDING STUFF – The table of contents should be prominent on the cover and is in simple English.

We saw an article prepared by medcitynews.com that lists the top 25 hospital web sites in 2012. Here are the first five:

  1. Arizona Cancer Center
  2. Scripps Health
  3. Hospital for Special Surgery
  4. Charles A. Dean Memorial Hospital & Nursing Home
  5. Palo Alto Medical Foundation

The Medcity article made the point that “a lot (of the top 25) tend to be either children’s or specialty hospitals, in particular cancer facilities.

We’re sure no two hospital marketing gurus will agree with us and our points, but the one thing that does resonant with all of us is – Your Hospital’s Website – next to patient satisfaction ratings – are your most effective marketing tool.

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