Freddy Swan

The times in which we live are still pretty challenging. Double-digit unemployment. Depressed housing values. The stock market on a roller coaster path. With all of that, do any of us have as much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving as we have in years past?Of course we do! We are as blessed today as we have ever been, in ways that stand the test of time. Friends we hold dear. Memories that sustain us. Family that makes us whole. And for us at Frederick Swanston, a very special group of co-workers and clients who look out for each other and make every day fresh, stimulating, rewarding and fun.

As we approach Thanksgiving 2011, we polled the agency to ask what everyone was most thankful for. The responses were heartfelt, funny, serious, irreverent and clever — just like the FredSwanners who wrote them. Here’s a sample:

–       Being able to give back through my volunteer opportunities AND to have a husband who supports and participates as well.

–       That I have a talent that allows me to come to work and do what I love every day.

–       That those taste-free Kashi bars in the kitchen are almost gone.

–       A loving family, healthy kids and wonderful friends.

–       A recent, rather nasty motorcycle crash. Strange, I know, but in a way I am actually thankful for the crash itself; it has helped me to see and appreciate better the people and things that are most important in my life.

–       Working in advertising, thus being able to wear jeans any day of the week (except days I have meetings, of course).

–       That Rick Ender doesn’t wear his 1970’s Bermuda shorts anymore.

–       For all the many blessings we have together and the close friendships we share.  It is delightful to work in an environment where your co-workers go out of their way to make your day a little brighter.

–       M&M’s, Chardonnay, Thanksgiving – so we get two extra days off!

–       The guy who organizes our Saturday morning golf group, so the rest of us can just show up and play.

–       A house on a lake where I can ski in the summer – and that I can still slalom ski!

–       A great community of family and friends that stick together and support one another through the good times and the beyond difficult times.

–       For Jessica and Lauren, who help me hold down the “under 30” club at Fred Swan.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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