Freddy Swan

Yesterday I just started to jot down all the stuff that seems to be happening in the marketing world, but I stopped when my list got to ten trends that are very apparent in most of our every day lives. I wondered how these trends will affect company’s marketing and advertising strategies, and how we’ll cope. What do you think? Is Freddy exaggerating again?

  1. WHO’S THE MAJORITY – Minorities become the majority and seeing more mixed race couples in TV commercials?
  2. SINGLE OCCUPANCY – There are fewer couples getting married, and the number of households with just one occupant is heading toward 50%.
  3. TWO BREADWINNERS -Both partners in the marriages have jobs, and as an unintended consequence, the things families do together seems to be diminishing.
  4. DOLLAR VALUE OF A B.A. DEGREE – The cost of a liberal arts college education continues to climb while the value in the market place of that education seems to diminish.
  5. ZERO INCOME TAXES – The percent of families in the USA that pay zero federal income tax is approaching 50% while government handouts show no sign of being reduced. Of course most everyone pays sales taxes and such.
  6. AGING POPULATION – The overall average age of the population continues to climb while the number of children per family seems not to be going up.
  7. CITIES REBIRTH – Serious traffic congestion is present in most major cities, and many suburban workers are moving back into the city to avoid the hassle and commute.
  8. SCAREY DEFICITS – Cities, Counties, State along with Uncle Sam all seem to be plagued with constant budget and deficit problems – at least for the last 5 to 10 years.
  9. GLOBAL ECONOMIES – The global geo political situation is in constant flux as the emerging economies flex their growing economic muscle – led by China, India and Brazil.
  10. ELECTRONIC REVOLUTION – And last, but far from least, is the ever changing landscape of our lives that the Electronic Revolution is shoving at us at ever increasing speed.

These aren’t all necessarily new or good or bad trends, but many (if not most) successful companies and entrepreneurs will take some or all of them into account in their planning.

Why don’t you ask your advertising agency what this list of trends means to your marketing and advertising program?

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