Freddy Swan

Simple question – right?

Not if you Google and read articles with titles like – “What makes a great advertising agency?” or “Why advertise?” or “What makes a great ad?”

The many long and detailed answers can be found by doing just that. Go to Google and ask those questions or similar ones. You’ll get a lot of answers, voluminous answers.

So just to satisfy my curiosity, I asked two old ladies – pretty sharp old ladies – “Why do companies advertise?”

Guess what their answer was? “To sell their stuff, stupid.” And one added, “So folks will remember you.”

So if you have lots of spare time and want a challenge, Google those questions – “What makes a great advertising agency?” or “Why do companies advertise?”

If you think the answers might be “sell more stuff” – well, you’re in for a surprise. And a lot of reading.

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