Freddy Swan

Here are the 25 reasons that folks leave websites. Suffice to say FREDDY has seen a lot of websites that violate these obvious caveats:

  1. Auto-sound
  2. Popups
  3. Interstitials
  4. Pagination
  5. Slow load times
  6. Prioritization of ads vs. content
  7. Woeful navigation
  8. Poor scent trails
  9. Key information is AWOL
  10. Immediate registration demands
  11. Too much flashing, scrolling crap
  12. Typos
  13. Rubbish fonts
  14. Narrow sites
  15. Left-aligned sites
  16. Cookie cutter websites
  17. Cobwebs
  18. A lack of clarity
  19. PRspeak / jargon
  20. Browser issues
  21. Flash
  22. No ‘About’ page
  23. Video-only home pages
  24. Boring vs. unprofessional
  25. Contrast fail

If you have anything to do with your company’s website management you need to understand each of these objections and then give your website the test.

Let FREDDY know if you passed? Did our Frederick Swanston site pass?

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