Automobile Finance Relief for Title Pawn Victims


Title Pawn companies prey upon people suffering financial hardships that are so severe, their only source of money is to pawn their car title. Once they do, the interest rates are so high they can never pay off their loan. 1800NewDeal offers these individuals a legitimate auto loan with a much lower interest rate, and a real end date by which they can pay off the loan.


After extensive research, we developed a multi-faceted campaign positioning 1800NewDeal as the legitimate option for consumers who find themselves trapped by the title pawn predators. The campaign consisted of TV, outdoor, a newly designed website, online advertising and a search engine marketing campaign.


From approximately 50 closed loans per month in 2010, 1800NewDeal closed a record 603 loans in April of 2013, and sets new records virtually every month. Online applications, driven by the redesigned website and SEM campaign, exceeded 1,100 per month.